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Root Canal Treatment

Painless Single Visit Root Canal Procedure

Root Canal Therapy is the process of removing the infected or the decayed tooth substance along with the removal of the pulp of the tooth. And helps in preventing the future infections, and restore the strength of the tooth. The single sitting Root Canal treatment is the procedure that supplements and complements the total care of the patient.

With our high standards of Local Anesthesia ,Advancedequipments and experience, the procedure is painless.

For Painless- Predictable – Time Effective – Single Visit RCT we utisize following Equipments :-

  • Latest Rotary Endomotar,
  • Apex locator – for calculating length of tooth
  • Endo Activator – for Obturation of root canal
  • LASER – For disinfection of Root Canal
  • Obtura – for Obturation of Root Canal
  • Touch & Heat – for Condansation
  • Latest RVG – Low Dose – High Magnification Digital Radiography
  • Microscopic.- for Microscopic View of Root Canal